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You gotta say the whole thing


Note: You NEED an application before sending a join request! Which is located in the Featured folder. We're also always opened! So take your time and relax~

Welcome to our beautiful island named Bill! Here we have four wonderful towns for you to chose from: Candis, Carmine, Anemone, and Errikos. You should think carefully before chosing a town (because moving isn't all that easy!)

First off there's the farming and ranching town of Candis! Here, the land is fertile, there's plenty of fresh water, and typically moderate in climate! Perfect for farmers and ranchers alike! I hear great fruit and veggies come from here too~

Next we have Carmine, the city of arts! This place was designed for artist...musicians, dancers, painters, you name it! The area is beautiful and just...inspiring to everyone! There is also plenty of space for studios and sculptures alike!

Then there is Anemone town right next to the ocean! Plenty of docks are built here for incoming and outgoing boats. This would be a lovely place for a fisherman or just someone that would like to deal with imports onto the island!

Lastly, we have Errikos town! The land may not be as pretty here as other places, but none of that matters if you're wanting to live a work life! This town could really be a bustling city and seems like it'd be a perfect place for a bar.

There you have it! We hope you enjoy your stay on the island!

Candis: 31 residents
Carmine: 43 residents
Anemone: 36 resident
Errikos: 64 residents
Academy: 23 attendants
Total: 197



We're opens open for Affiliates!
We're all Poke groups or- RP groups.
Lets stick together!

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Yay! Okay what aspect (if we do this) would you be interested in? 

4 deviants said The Supernatural Side of Bill [ Creeps and Ghouls! Oh my! * 7 * ]
2 deviants said Bills Academy versus Bills Public School [ School Kids]
2 deviants said Entertainment Industry [Celebrities, Big Time musicians the works.]
1 deviant said Politics of Bill [ Crime etc.]
1 deviant said Life in Carmine [ Music and the Arts]
No deviants said Companies/Workforce/Mini Businesses of Bill [ For the entrepreneurs]
No deviants said Life in Candis [ The rural life style]
No deviants said Life in Errikos [ Life in the big city]
No deviants said Life in Anemone [ YOHOO YOHOO~ THE SAILORS LIFE FOR ME~]
No deviants said The Athletes of Bill [ Former Pokeathaleon Participants, Football etc.]
:star::star:General Rules:star::star:
-apply everywhere-
:bulletblue:Be nice and respectable! Treat others the way you'd want to be treated.
:bulletwhite:FOLLOW ALL OF DA RULES! Just because it's a group, you're not exempt from site rules.
:bulletblue:Do not take offense to in character words/actions. This group and characters are not real, so let's have fun! If something bothers you or offends you, just leave until you cool off or if it's really bad, note the group.
:bulletwhite: •With that bashing, hate, or discrimination! I will not be afraid to kick people because of this! I want NO arguing IN this group. If you have a score to settle, don't do it through the group. Use notes or comments.

:bulletblue:NO GOD MODDING OR POWER PLAYING! For whatever the circumstances, you can NOT make another person's character do something. They must agree to this. Also, in battle, you can not always hit or always dodge.
:bulletwhite:The mature chatroom is to be used for both roleplay and mature conversations! There might be some underaged people, or some people that just don't wish to see those sorts of things. Let us respect those wishes.
:bulletblue:Characters MAY be killed but ONLY if BOTH roleplayers agree to it and the group is noted that the character is no longer there. All previous art of said character may stay...and please don't just kill characters because you don't want them anymore. They can easily just move off the island. Remember that BOTH players MUST agree to it. You may NOT force people to do things with their characters, that includes saying that they died.

:bulletblue:ANY art is accepted! Drawings, writings, sculptures, plushes...whatever! As long as it relates to the group.
:bulletwhite:Only submit artwork created by yourself! If you didn't make it, but it's of your character, suggest it to our favorites!
:bulletblue:Please submit to the correct folder! It'll be easier on thanks in advance!


:bulletblue:Characters may have as many pets as they please.
:bulletwhite:Your first five characters are free.. After that, they must be bought through the group points. Learn more about those here: island-named-bill.deviantart.c…
:bulletblue:If you wish to add/remove/move/change a character then note the group! I must be aware of any changes made.
:bulletwhite:Megas are not permanent! You're more than welcome for characters to have the design, but they can't be listed as or be this permanently.
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I hate to say this, but I think I'm gonna have to leave. This group is so awesome, it truly is, however it just got to the point of being a little too laid back and I started to forget it. But I thank each and everyone of the members here for making it one heck of a ride. I mean I was a member here for quite a while! And it helped with my art so much. So thank you :) Have a wonderful time to anyone who is still on and those who are joining! :wave:
Alexina Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It's still very laid back.  Logging roleplays and sending them in alone keep you high in points. <3

With the new change of 1k per character in stead of 2k you should be able to manage with points to spare.  No worries.
(1 Reply)
Psylintz Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Ah man... ; 3; the rules have changed. *rolls the chillaxing out the window* Ah... I'll see what I can do now. 

(1 Reply)
Alexina Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey Neprezi if you ever want a rp, come to main chat. <3 Ask there, I tend to be a rp addict and accept them whenever I have time.
Neprezi Jan 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ey yo if anyone wants to rp holla @ me
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